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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Lemon Shark Dive


On January 26 of 2019, several members of the Down Under Dive Club (DUDC) took a trip searching for aggregating lemon sharks. Jeri Curley has an account of the adventure.

Dawn was breaking as I made my way to the Malabar exit to meet my dive buddy, Steve. Clouds on the horizon met a thick layer of fog on the water of the lagoon. The crescent moon shown down, creating an iridescent glow. I was so tempted to stop and take a photo...but my camera was in the underwater housing...sigh. We arrived at Jupiter Dive Center and signed in. Set up our gear. My only question...One wet suit or two! I am glad I chose two. A 3 mm would have been a bit chilly. We left the dock early! We headed to Lemon Drop. The seas were a little high 3-4 but the period between the crests was long. So the ride was easy and comfortable. We hit the water and headed down. Visibility was 30-40 foot but it didn't stop us from seeing a few sharks. We dropped on a hole that had 6 huge Nurse Sharks! And of course those attention seeking Pork Fish had to photo bomb my "perfect" shot! Throughout our dive we were assaulted by Triggerfish. After surfacing, we noticed that the water was glassy and the seas were flat! After a leisurely surface interval, we headed back down to Scarface. The reef was teeming with sea turtles! Loggerheads and Hawksbills, swimming and sleeping. We did see several Green Morays, a reef shark and all the usual suspects! Back on dry land and in dry clothes, we headed to Dune Dog for lunch. What a fabulous day of diving!

Several pictures from Steve Ratts and Jeri Curley are available...


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