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Sunday, May 08, 2011

2011 Club Picnic @ Futch Park

CookThe annual picnic was a great success. Everyone who attended had a wonderful time. We had hot dogs and burgers along with beans and a few other side dishes, with ample desserts. It was a great time for socializing and beach-side fun.

We played a game which we dubbed "bolo ball" or "hang your balls" depending upon who you ask. A few people were interested in getting the game for themselves. It is known by several names, but is often called Ladder Toss. Our game was constructed and the rules were of some debate. It can be purchased under the names of Ladder Golf or BlongoBall, among others. All who played enjoyed the game. All who did not play feared Bobbi.

We also took the time to watch the Atlas V launch on the beach. We were able to see a distinct orange plume from the rocket's thrust and eventually we watched a contrail form.


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